First tuple in your database, Sir.

So it came to be, that I’ve decided to create my first own blog. I planned this for over a year or so :).  I’ve tried various blog engines and hosting, but finally decided to pick wordpress as most robust. It’s far from perfect, but I like it, really. Before you ask a question – yes, I’ve decided to write in English, even if I’m from Poland. There are various reasons behind that, I’ll explain that soon. Also note : if you ever notice a horrible grammar error at this site, please give me a sign – I’ll be grateful for that.

This is only a jump-start for now. If you want to learn something about me or know the origin of this blog, please visit other pages (the link should be to the right).  I will be updating them in next few days.

So, there you go, another blog has been born. Yay.

~ by rattkin on Tue, February 13.

One Response to “First tuple in your database, Sir.”

  1. You have been spotted:P

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