job != punishment, period.

(this is what my Dad used to say)

Something I have to get off my chest. In a positive way. It’s about my new job.

I have been working as a developer in certain place for almost two years. I really liked this job at the beginning, people were great and everything seemed so cool. But month after month I was discovering some little quirks that made me sad panda. It was really hard to make a decision, as I felt like I was bound to this place forever, and I simply were abit afraid of change. Guess most of us always is.

But after a while some borderline has been crossed and decisions HAD to be made. And they were. I’ve changed my job. And, I don’t want to make a pean, the change is huge.

Basically I’ve found myself surrounded again by nice, helpful and smiling people, but this time the main difference is that they are happy with what they are doing and they know their job. They are professionals striving for quality. I cannot stress how important this is for me. Never thought that the overall atmosphere of the place can influence so much. And it’s nothing that I can particulary point. Amazing.

I have competent collegues, boss (or three, even) that makes me think “wow, this guy has outstanding both technical and social knowledge”, comfortable place to work, lovely teammate who I respect for excellence and sense of humour and really like to work with, and last but not least – somewhat feeling of being “safe”. I know that whenever I come up with a suggestion, it will be heard and discussed. I know that whenever I will need to learn something, they will help. With that, I can relax and concentrate on doing my job best. Sometimes I check my watch and I’m suprised that it’s actually time to return home.

And that’s what it’s all about.  Thanks!

~ by rattkin on Thu, March 8.

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