good habit requires a conscious effort

Having spring/summer period coming soon in my mind, I’ve once again started to force/convince myself to improve on several things. Some of them are too private to post them here, but amongst others there are :

  • wake up early (7:00 – 8:00)
  • loose weight (approx 20 pounds / 10 kilos )
  • loose belly fat and develop visible muscles there
  • give up (or reduce dramatically) on coke drinking

As you can see (figure out) they are all connected to each other. 

The first one is a real killer for me. I used to get up early when I was < 15. But after I’ve started middle school and studies, it’s virtually impossible for me to wake up at the time I want to, on daily basis. However in special cases (travel, very important meeting) I’m able to get up on set hour. This makes me think that it’s really 95% of mindwork here, just to put yourself in correct, positive mindset. I really regret all those morning hours I’m loosing, which I could use for getting ready for the day, excercises etc.

Loosing weight is inspired by my Dad’s actions recently. He started a South Beach diet, wanting to loose some belly fat and to get healthier. We’re both sceptics when it comes to “magic things” that involves your body, but somehow my Dad lost 8 pounds in few days. So I’m starting to gather some informations about this diet. From what I know, it’s based on sound medicine and it’s not that rigoristic about your menu. I plan to support this with lots of excercises, so who knows, maybe it will work. I plan to start it as soon as I can prepare some recipes for me and gather ingredients.

As for Coke, it’s rather obvious. I work in IT, and drinking Coke is almost a standard here, especially for those who don’t like coffee (like me). Recently I’m liking it less, so there’s hope I can pick something instead of Coke to drink during worktime.

All of those things aren’t really hard or expensive. All it takes is to find 30 mins of your time everyday and do some stuff. But the definitely most hard part is to change your mind and have strong will. If you say : don’t do that – then don’t. Under any circumstances – don’t. Getting rid / changing your habits is a thing I find very difficult for me. It’s easy to develop and take a bad habit. It’s hard to change it into good habit, because it comes with great cost – you have to want it, think about it. But the effort is worth it.

I hope.

Fingers crossed.

~ by rattkin on Sun, March 18.

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