my body is more clever than me

About getting up earlier : I’ve noticed very spooky thing. It happened to me years before but I never really thought about it. Here it is : if you are setting your alarmclock to the same hour everyday, your body adjusts to this cycle. Now here is most important part. You have to choose an unpleasant, loud alarm sound – a one that will scare you as hell at the morning. The fun/spooky part about it that after some time (1-2 weeks) your body is so adjusted to it that you will start to wake up few minutes before the alarm! I don’t know how it works, maybe it’s related to my alarmclock, making some sounds before the actual alarm (which I doubt), maybe it’s body/brain figuring out during sleep – “oh geez, in few minutes there will be this terrible sound. I don’t want to go through this again. Let’s wake up, quick!”.

Funny :)

~ by rattkin on Sun, March 18.

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