a developer’s relief

When you are doing a lot of coding (let’s say Java), some objects, some classes, interfaces, bleh,  you are trying to achieve functionality. But also some kind of project coherence. Ever had the feeling, that things work, but you feel that something is wrong, the actual code job is much more like struggling with invisible enemy, bashing against invisible walls?

I’m a great enthusiast of doing things right. Call this a perfectionist aproach, phobia, whatever. I just have to do it right. And I cannot sleep when things are not set up MY way and I’m 100% comfortable this is the best way for me to do things. When it comes to coding, I can waste whole hour on refactoring of 20 classes only to change some internal names from lowercase to camelcase or move a file a one level higher in directory structure. Naming conventions are very important to me as they temporarily define the reality I’m in, when I’m designing, developing, coding. If you are unable to name something properly, you are deep in the forest, without clue what you are doing / want to do. So naming things is a must. The same is with file placing. If you are not sure where your entity belongs, you again don’t have an idea where you are. And sooner or later the problem will show it’s ugly face and knock you down in no time.

But sometimes you have design problems, related to object-oriented design patterns. You know the patterns, but the actual use them in proper way, requires a lot of experience and sometimes just… intuition. And it’s those design problems that renders a lot of pain in your work.

And suddenly, having a snack, walkin’ on street, talking with other dev/architect you get the brilliant idea how to reorder things to get what you want. This is really a pleasant moment. Hell, depending on the problem, you can even compare it to orgasm :). The sun shines brighter, everyone smile, and you feel like everything is all right and in it’s place. Going futher from now on will be just like riding the bike downhill. I really like those moments. I feel great when I know stuff is in right place. This boosts up “morale”.

~ by rattkin on Fri, April 6.

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