bad desktop habits

You know that you can use computer at different levels. A rookie will copy/paste using right mouse click, advanced user will use keyboard shortcuts, a geek will write grep/sed/perl script to copy certain parts from one file to another file. That’s acceptable. But sometimes I think there’s either something wrong with window/taskbar interface or with our minds.

I often see people that are narrowing their view, making things less visible, unclear, messy – and they don’t notice this at all. I see folks with a colourful, detailed, photo-like desktop background, that makes icons completely unreadable. I see desktops such overloaded with icons, that you can no longer use auto-placement feature, because people are moving icons manually, they are overlapping, and so on and so on. Finally I see people that have Sodoma and Gomora on their taskbars – having 20 items in quick lanuch, then another 30 in bottom-right corner, the taskbar is of course resized to have min 3 rows. And they (heavens forbid!) like another 20-30 different windows open and visible in taskbar, and it’s worth noticing that approx 40% of them are different instances of the same application (browsers most often). I’m shocked looking at that. And obviously first thing I see is that when I ask : “show me this” they are are like “eee…aa…ummm… where this window went…”. I promise, I’m going to do some research, how much time people are wasting every few moments, having that confused face look, racing mouse cursor around and clicking like crazy, to find the window they want. I wouldn’t be suprised if that would be like 1h daily or more!

Maybe it’s a too bold conclusion, but your desktop and way of work somehow reflects your lifestyle or character. What’s on your desktop = how your life (or more precisely : mind) looks like. A computer system/drive is an abstract entity. You can manage and set it anyway you want. This is not always the case with your home or room – you have certain configurations, furniture that is not easy to replace quick etc, etc. But inside computer you have fresh start with blank page. How you set up things is *you*. Keep this in mind!

I don’t remember having more than 5 windows opened at once. I have 7 icons on my home desktop, and 3 of those are games shortcuts that could be easily deleted (I don’t need them there, really) and the last one is recycle bin. From what I see, I find things on my machine 2 to 3 times faster than most of people I know.

Am I freak or you people should start thinking about optimizing your “life”?

~ by rattkin on Fri, April 6.

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