a measurement of happiness

Yet again I’m forced to think about it. Lots of stuff happened these days. How’s that related to one’s overall feeling? Of being in right place, of doing right stuff, feeling good, feeling successful, feeling happy – you know – that sort of feeling that makes you literally shine on the street, smiling to everyone, almost with your feet upon the ground. Is that same for everyone? Is there a finite number of factors? Are there most influencing ones?

Last days I’ve :

  • received a graduation at university
  • started a job “for real”, meaning in full time and for (relatively) good money, amount that most people can only dream of in the town I live
  • got (bought) my first own car (Mazda 323F) I sort-of dreamt of – thanks to Dad’s insane amount of engagement and work, whole stuff took only few days
  • all of sudden transmutated lead into gold, with the result of someone to share some deep things with
  • found a new owner for one of my enchanted marble balls (was it blue one?)

This isn’t an usual thing (even for me :p). I mean, you can work for this very hard and very long. Some people will never achieve it. You might then call me a successful guy. “You are lucky”. I am? Should I? How do you know? How do I know?

Then again there is a plenty of things I haven’t done, experienced – been there, done that, get this, get that, have a wife, grow children, win a lotto prize, travel around the world – some of those things may seem crucial (in terms of happiness) for others. I miss them sometimes. Sometimes I miss them so much, and this makes me sad and depressed, feeling that I’m losing something and that I’m not satisfied with my life. Sometimes I don’t miss them. Sometimes I don’t think about them. Sometimes I remember about it, but don’t care.

I know a great quote :
“Sometimes you find things that are more important to you than the things you think are important. Or maybe that’s just growing old.”.

It’s taken from “Pirates of Sillicon Valley”and is told by Steve Wozniak. That’s the way it is. There are lot of things that can make you happy. But most of them work temporarily. And I won’t discover rocket-science, when I say what I’m going to say. The thing is : we’re discovering it again and again, yet still underestimating the value. And after years, we grow old, we look at our past, and we always come to the very same conclusion.

People – Relations. Love. Friendship. Trust.

Nothing can make me more happy. Nothing can make me more whole. These are the values worth standing for, looking for.

I’ll tell you this : the things I’ve mentioned at the beginning. I thought they’re making me very happy. Proud of myself. Successful. But they’ve faded away. A new way of measuring happiness for me :

A hug. 

~ by rattkin on Mon, July 2.

6 Responses to “a measurement of happiness”

  1. Recently I had similar conclusion. What makes me happy? Success? Graduation at university? Opportunity to work for big corp? Passing exams to the Academy of Fine Arts (I had always dreamed of it)? People say: “You have to be a very happy man!” …Sometimes I am, but sometimes I am not. Without good relations with other people, friendship, love. All this ‘success’ means almost nothing to me when you can’t share your happiness with someone..

  2. I wonder if, at extreme case, blogs (not all, though) serve this kind of purpose. Not always you can share your thoughts with someone – at the very moment you feel them and you have the urge to express them. Maybe there is noone to hear. Maybe there is noone to be close at this moment. And sharing seems so important for our existence. Isn’t the same about art?

    While I have no idea whether passing exams made you happy or not, I congratulate you, as I always considered your work as extraordinary. Good luck on the path you’ve started.

  3. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad with me. I have some friends.. :)

  4. :) Yeah, of course. That was just a random thought.

  5. [Personal RSS failed, I believe… ;)]
    And yes, blue indeed.

    One can be lucky because of many things and in many ways but I believe one of the most important ones is the ability to make ordinary moments and things extraordinary – just by the way we look at them. And I think you have that ability – to see things in that very special way. And to see people as though they are special. This way you are lucky – but so are the people who meet you on their way.

  6. Personal RSS notifies about update, but not the size (number of posts) of such update :). Should you want to submit any bugs found or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to deliver new version that suits your needs.

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