on a good way

Definitely too much time has passed, but now I’m back to blogging and I’m promising myself to write early, write often :). Week ago I’ve graduated my university, gaining a title of Master of Science in Computer Science. Put aside the science achievement, but what is really important for me, that I finally have lots and lots of time just for me. And that of course results/will result in more activites, more thoughts, more writings.

Ah, I’m also an extremely happy owner of an iPhone. Never had a piece of technology in my hand that enables me to do so many things so easily. But that is a separate story. Until then, some well-earned rest.

~ by rattkin on Wed, October 31.

2 Responses to “on a good way”

  1. write early, write often? ;)

  2. Think of it as agile blogging :)

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