… but a long way

Uh… right. You see the date of the latest post down there? Turned out that I’m not really into blogging :) If there is anyone there (besides that two penguins in Antarctica) waiting for some new stuff – my apologies. It’s not that there was nothing to say, but hmm, technology failed. I just didn’t have the time and energy to write thoughts down. Just as in xkcd comic, before I got to my keyboard, they all evaporated or I suddenly realized I don’t really need writing them.

But recently I’ve discovered that I’m tending to express in other friends’ blogs comments, which is something a bit unnatural, especially when you see the size of those posts :) So it’s a sign I should go back to my own sandbox. And wordpress upgraded their admin panel and other stuff, which makes entering content even easier. Good, good, I like wordpress.

So, what’s in the pipeline?

  • Some tech stuff, especially my rants about development status today, what’s wrong, how I feel it should be.
  • Choosing the new thing to learn, ultimate dillema. Groovy/Grails? Ruby/Rails? Scala? Erlang? Another-boring-Java-technology-with-three-letter-standard-acronym? How to compare? Make good bet.
  • Reviews. My workmate at cognifide, Greg, just reminded me of idea that reviews of stuff it’s a good way to bring unique content to your blog. And so I will do.
  • Gaming. Why? How? Being a gamer, how does it affect others, what are profits and cons.
  • Game stories, reviews. I find myself often talking about some games that really unique. I would like to save them from obliteration and write something about them. Mostly adventure games.


~ by rattkin on Thu, June 12.

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