on matter of pictures

Since I’m here on wordpress.com, I cannot use any plugins. I don’t feel like I need any, really, and I’m glad I can have one-click blog and don’t worry about boring admin stuff. Howeve I do like the images that illustrate posts. So what can I do? I will link to flickr static farm with pictures. I’m not sure if this is good thing to do. If it’s not and someone point out, I’ll change that. Until then, all I can give back is to link to actual photo on flickr, so you, my reader, can reach the author of this photo and pass some kudos.

I too, have pro account on flickr and don’t mind sharing most of my photos I put there. Hope the rest of the world shares the same approach. Thanks in advance, World.

(also, i’m starting to tag entries from now on, categories stay, though).

~ by rattkin on Mon, June 30.

One Response to “on matter of pictures”

  1. long time no see, maybe it’s for the better

    — #tool guerillero

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