“Son coeur est un luth suspendu – sitôt qu’on le touche, il résonne”
(de Béranger)

nickname / present online as : rattkin

Funny things, those nicknames. With your actual name, you didn’t have the power to choose. Your parents have decided. And the name just sticked with you. But here, online, you can build another identity, you can name yourself again, totally being aware of the fact. You spend days and days, being a teenager, on catchy phrase. But in the end, most often you end with another random word, just like your parents with your name. And the nickname describes you, sticks forever and isn’t going to change. I don’t fully even remember now where rattkin come from. I remeber that I’ve played Wizardy 7 and there were mobs called rattkin bandits. I liked the look and sound of the word, though I didn’t know that it has a meaning. Also, on local basketball place, I was called ‘The Rat’, by fellow players, because I’ve been good at stealing ball and running away with it, just like rat catches the cheese and runs away. So there’s that :) – rattkin. I don’t really now have emotions towards it. Is it good? Bad? Funny? Stupid? It’s just a name. Identity. You don’t change it, because it’s you, it describes you.

I am rattkin.

semi-official bio

Sebastian Zarzycki is Web2.0/RIA evangelist and software engineer at Cognifide, where he works on delivering robust cms-powered websites, merging many web technologies into final product. Graduated from Poznań University of Technology with master’s degree in Computer Science.

He’s focusing on Adobe Flex/AIR, Ruby and iPhone development, firmly believing that proper embracement of new technologies brings both users and developers visible advantages on many fields. He is certified Adobe Flex Developer. When designing, he pays much attention to user interface and overall experience. Being a gamer, he appreciates music and visual art, especially when it’s without sacrificing functionality and just pure fun.

Where there’s no computer in near, he practices chinese taijiquan and calligraphy, demolishes his electric guitar, plays basketball and table tennis and sometimes gazes at the stars, thinking how his uncommon mix of technical and artistic skills can be used to make the world an easier and funnier place to live. And how to finally solve Notpron.

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