So much time has passed! I’m looking back at this poor blog attempt and I smile. The essence of all writing is that you have to have something interesting to write about. Otherwise it either transforms into personal diary, that noone is interested in (or shouldn’t be) or becomes another dull place in the internet with random pieces, that noone is interested in :) I get it now!

The internet as a medium also evolved over time. Back then, there was little social portals, there was no Facebook, the concept of a tweet was unknown. Today, it’s quite common to post short writings from your phone. And, because of the plethora of information showing up, to attract any readers, you really have to be different, to distinguish yourself. Without that, you just drown in the evergrowing sea of the internet. Even know, I feel that some services are already shifting. Not sure about the lifespan of Twitter, for example.

So, that said, I don’t think I will be continuing this blog. Doesn’t make much sense. I’m not such an extravertic person, to share many details of my life, nor I don’t feel the need to do so. Also, my thoughts, while could be interesting to someone, are too random and touching too many subjects to be fitted into one blog. Additionally, I’m always overwhelmed by the work of others and this stops me from writing, as I feel others put it better already. I still value these things I wrote here, mainly in pages. The idea of relentlessly seeking certain things in life and being able to understand someone’s past and love it is still very much close to my heart.

If you want to follow me somehow, please do so by twitter (@rattkin), facebook (sebastian.zarzycki) or visit my other blogging attempt, this time much more focused – “All Your Games Are Belong To Us“, about the world of gaming and its important to the society.

It’s been a good ride!


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