I were always an active computer and then internet user, since the beginning of it. I’m happy when I can collaborate, participate in some interesting project. I don’t mind sharing something for free, even if I spent plethora of hours to get it done. I think internet is a great place and I’m grateful to all this people around the world thanks to whom, everyday I learn something new or funny. I owe you. We are one global consciousness that pumps blood into “humanity’s” heart.


I hope internet will never become a place dominated by big companies that just want to control us, telling us what we are allowed to do or not. Telling us that we have to pay even for breathing. I respect privacy and ownership rights. I also understand that you cannot get everything for free, sometimes you have to (should) pay. It’s fine. The thing is, I would be more happy if it would be more up to me to decide what is worth paying for and how much. I do appreciate good job/art/product when I see it. I really do. And I don’t hesitate to pay then.

Stance on blogs

What about blogs? When they started to appear here or there, I saw nothing special about it. I’ve been deep into technical details – “ok, people need straight way to post some text/data, fine, but I want to have total control over my site, built on cms”. And, what’s most important, these days blogs were for me something that is just electronical replacement for 14-old girl’s diary. It’s cute, adorable, but hey, all in all, is there any point in publishing to whole world in horrible pink colour on yellow background, that you’ve bought a new doll? My thoughts, then.

And I was afraid of blogs. Well, maybe not really. But always connecting making a blog with some kind of mental immaturity – “gee, I’m a nerd/geek, I don’t have friends and social life, so I spill my completely boring fears onto my blog”. But, during time, that changed. Blogs changed. It wasn’t a web2.0 boom anymore. It became a normal thing in our everyday life drudgery. It’s now just a way for milions of people to tell others, what they think, feel, do. And I don’t really care if it’s interesting or not. It’s not up to me to decide or to judge. If they have a need to publish something – that’s fine with me, there is still a room for everyone in the internet. I don’t have to read everything, right?

But there’s more. Suddenly, blogs became PRIMARY source of interesting informations. People started to comment political events. Passing hidden informations. Sharing technical tricks and solutions. Blogging in a form of comic. Folks from huge companies created their own blogs to write down their thoughts, provide some help with products, share ideas, asking for opinion. A blog is no more just “blah blah” thing. It’s – “hey, buddy, have a look at this, hopefully you’ll find that interesting”.

A Social Perespective

Guess we need others to agree (or not) with us, to summarize our thoughts, calm our fears, share our joy. Sure, we have relationships, friends and family, but sometimes we need something more. And it’s a thrilling thought, that basically everyone can read what you have written. Comment it. Give a response. React. Hell, maybe it’s a bit of exposure of yourself – sometimes. But then again, look again, what you can gain. Potentially – a lot.

Another blog has been born

They say that every half of second a new blog is created. Guess I did that too, in one of those seconds passing. The main impulse was, when I have discovered a 4 year-old blog of my schoolmate. I was a bit shocked, but said to myself “hey, what’s really weird in it? you just didn’t know about that, that’s all”. I did envy her. I felt bad, that there were so many thoughts and feelings I never wrote down or said to someone, and she did. And I concluded that I don’t want it to be this way anymore. I think alot :). I feel alot. Maybe it’s time to stop annoying people with all this stuff. Sometimes it’s too much even for someone very close to you. And sometimes you just want to have wider perespective.

The Dream, The Open-Mind and The Disclosure

– Hey, mate, aren’t you a bit too open about yourself? This whole emotion stuff, and so on. Do you have friends and social life? Aren’t you afraid, that someday this might be read by someone unappropriate?

I’m fine, thanks. I believe, I have a surprisingly rich social life and I have a handful of good friends. And no, I’m not afraid. I couldn’t possibly put it better.


Once upon a time, there was a game called “Relentless : Twinsen’s Adventure“. You probably know it by the name of Little Big Adventure. It was released under different names in several regions, but I never liked the LBA name and sticked to the “relentless” one. I admire the sound and look of the word – a thing only foreigner can say. No, really. I like it. The game definitely has a “relentless” feeling – it’s big, really big and long adventure. Now when I think about “relentless”, it always comes in pair with adventure. I think we always search for something, look for something, strive to achieve something. And while you are able and sometimes even should enjoy current moment, I think our existence is “relentless” in some metaphorical way. I guess, that’s my approach – to perceive life as adventure.

Few days before of after (don’t remember) discovering my friend’s blog, I’ve visited a city I’ve never been to, but always wanted to go there. It’s Płock, a hometown of one of my dearest friends and her brother. I were first time there, but had a solid vision about what I will see, what I can expect – my friend described me a huge part of the city – hidden somewhere in her stories, back then, when we were close. I always wanted to be a part of it. Wanted to be there, see it. We haven’t really seen each other for a while. 5 years actually. We sometimes talk, sometimes even meet but only for an hour or so – definitely way too short period of time to chill out and exchange some deep thoughts. Anyway, her brother gave me a nice tour around the city – telling me his own stories, showing actual places I knew only from my friend’s past. All these years I’ve been visualizing them, but never seen them, until that day. And it was a really new feeling, fairytale, fantasy, being like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy in the Land of Oz. I found this extraordinary. It was like reliving someone’s past again – remembering things, hearing sounds, seeing people – although all it was, was a very silent, snowy and somewhat cold Sunday morning, and there was no sound and no people. Just the thoughts from the past, that is not mine, but suddenly felt like mine. And I loved that.


I live in Poland, Europe. We speak Polish language here, but I’ve decided to switch to English. One of reasons is : to practice. I’m well aware that there might be some mistakes here or there. Another one is : i like english. Another one is : this way I can be understood by much more people, than I would be when just writing in polish. And 90% of thougths and ideas are universal, so why keep them only for my country. The other one : I plan to post some technical things, regarding computer stuff – programming languages etc., etc. English is a language of IT, so it’s better to keep it that way.


My blog is nothing special – like milions of other random blogs. There will be many posts here categorized in different categories : whether it’s about job, hobbies, feelings, music, games or internet. It’s good to verbalize what you think or feel. I believe that it allows us to communicate better. I don’t really expect particular people to visit and comment. I don’t write for someone. I hope to put here my every thought (worth publishing, that is). I have no idea if someone will find this rubbish or not. I don’t wanna hide behind some fake identity – it’s full disclosure, as I don’t feel I have something to hide from my parents or friends – and they may come to this place too. Guess I’m just writing for myself. I think it’s just better to have it online, that on my personal computer – just because in that way there is a little chance, that someday someone will come across and leave his/her thought about what I have written. And I may found this comment refreshing and helpful. That way I can do something, change something, think about something else or in different way.

And that probability is the main reason for me to have own blog.

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