I like quotes. They sound especially convincing in other language, not in yours own. There is a lot of them – wise, silly, pathethic – in movies, books, poems. I’m gathering the ones that make my brain or heart shake.

  • – It is an honour to die at your side.
    – It is an honour to have lived at yours.
    King Leonidas and soldier (“300” – The Movie)
  • What you really value is what you miss, not what you have
  • “But I being poor, have nothing but my dreams.
    I spread my dreams under your feet.
    Tread softly – because you tread on my dreams”

    (fragment of poem by William Butler Yates)
  • “Sometimes you find things that are more important to you than the things you think are important. Or maybe that’s just growing old.”
    Steve Wozniak (from “The Pirates of Silicon Valley”)

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